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I'm back


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Been up in lakes for a week working for a couple of days so extended the trip to a week

It was rather wet, floods and such, one clearish night and a brief faint view of noctilucent clouds

took the solar scope which was never used

got one sighting of the osprey but it was so wet I did not go hunting for them

the local vampires had a good feast of me

lost one of the caravan windows on the way back £300 + to replace :wacko:

apart from that a good week was had with some good dog walks (away from the sheep)

and I note the weather has not changed here either

I've passed the 400mm of rain for the year mark while I was away

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Some fool (me) got interrupted I think while packing away and did not do his usual double/ treble check to make sure they were shut

i think that is the only way it could have happened

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We lost a roof lite that way on the way up to the Lakes a while back. Luckily there was a caravan sales nearby who supplied the part and let me fit it in their yard before continuing the trip. Cost £50 to to fix - for moulded perspex !! - caravan spares ain't cheap.

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