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What bird did I hear

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Out for our evening walk last night about 7.30 ish takes us down the side of a  town wood I could hear a Long low bird call now it lasted about 2-3secs and it was calling for quite a while ,the only bird I thought it could be was a pheasant but then the more I thought it wasn’t right I don’t think ,heard many a pheasant and didn’t sound like this  🤔, so I assume it’s a mating call of maybe a migrating bird, but never heard that sound before coming from the wood , so what did I possibly hear ?.

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2 hours ago, RonC said:

Woodcock maybe, Google it and check??

Had a listen not that ron it was a low single sound initially I thought it was a small dog barking then realised it was a single sound so definitely not a dog 

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1 hour ago, RonC said:

My only other thought was a Heron? 

May have  possibly been a Fox 🦊 just had a google 

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