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2 hours ago, Stephen said:

Great image and detail  Steve and you seem to have another galaxy top right

Yes there is but I cannot find out so far which one it is and its mag.


As far as I can tell it appears to be 2 galaxies that over lap PGC 4541551 & PGC054419 both about 16.5 mag




Borowed from Cloudy Nights post


NGC 5907, the Splinter Galaxy, is very slender edge-on spiral galaxy with a small central bulge and a pronounced dust lane. The dust lane shows some wonderful detail and tints the core a beautiful amber color. The galaxy itself is something of a giant lying 59 million light years away and 180,000 light years across. The little streak to the upper right is two tiny edge-on galaxies that visually overlap each other. The upper left member of the pair is PGC 4541551 (Mv 16.8) and the lower right member is PGC 54419 (Mv 16.2). PGC 54419 is less than 10,000 light years across and at 49 million light years distant is actually in the foreground, some 10 million light years closer than NGC 5907.

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