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Sun 05/07/12


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After struggling to get focus this morning with the 200p, I gave the st80 a quick try for half an hour. 21 subs @100 ISO 1/450 sec using baader film on small appature filter (approx 30mm) Focus not too bad but no RA drive and clouds have left it a bit less than the standard I would have liked.

Stacked in Registax 5.1 (eventually) best 85%, post process in PS5 False colour.

Bit disappointed as there were some good sunspot groups today.

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It was a bit of a nightmare, this morning I just couldn't get long enough in one break in the clouds to achieve focus. The st80 isn't the right tool for the job really, so overall not too bad considering, but not as good as I would have hoped for.

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I like it.

Better than I have ever managed.

I can never figure out when it is in focus.

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If I had an obs it would be easier, set up one night, then leave set up focused. Just open the roof at will for sun or stars lol

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