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Hello All from Loughborough

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Hi All,

My sons and I have recently gotten seriously into stargazing, especially with the current list of things to do being so short. 
We've had a 60mm Celestron reflector for a number of years, which has been great for exploring the moon, but we recently decided that we really wanted to go further. So I have taken the plunge and bought a SW P150i tube and a SW AZ-GTI mount. So far it has been amazing looking at how many more stars we can see with the scope compared to the old one! 

I would, however, like to start exploring even further, though my FOV is fairly limited due to the surrounding trees. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

thanks all



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Hi Alistair,

I'm over the motorway side of Lufbra, so good to have some company.  Once we get meets going again, there will be the chance to use the Wymeswold site, which is handy.  Shout out if there's anything we can help with.


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Hi Alistair, a warm welcome to the group.

Have a look round and make yourself at home and feel free to ask any questions you might have. Like Bryan says, you would be more than welcome to join us for a meet up when all this virus malarkey is done and dusted, although it may mean we have to adapt to be able to meet, I guess it will never be like it was.

Enjoy your stay.

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54 minutes ago, BAZ said:

 I guess it will never be like it was.


😟 Off course it will Martyn...!!

Its high time all this madness ended, the sooner the better. My £0.02p


Welcome Alastair, enjoy your new scope.

Hopefully see you up at Wymeswold some time......😀

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Derbyshire Dave

Welcome Alastair,

  Glad you've joined us and look forward to meeting you one day at one of our meets. There is an awful lot that you can get out of the forum, there are lots of different people with different skills, experience and equipment..

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Hi Al, welcome aboard. As above ask any questions you may have and someone will have an answer. Hope to see you at a darksite meeting once we're back up and running. We also have a site near Belper which is darker than Wymeswold. 

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Antony Lovett

Hi all, Im new to this site. I live In Loughborough and I keep hearing about the site in Wymeswold. Could anybody tell me whereabouts in wymeswold it is please

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Hi Antony, a warm welcome to the group. Unfortunately both our dark sites are closed at the moment and as yet we have no date from either for reopening. The Wymeswold site is at the cricket club on Burton Road. You would be most welcome to come along and say hello once all this has calmed down and things start to re-open.

Keep an eye open and we'll post as soon as we have any news. In the meantime, have a look round and make yourself at home.

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17 hours ago, Al Long said:

Do we know when the dark sites might reopen?

Hi, tough call.


The Belper dark site might be a no no for the foreseeable future, the site is predominately a camp site, and the owner has already halved her allotted pitches so she meets with current government guidelines (and has sold them all for the next few weeks / months) so dont want to give her any grief by 10 of us rocking up, she could just then refuse to let us back on next year.


Wymeswold, yes we could meet there but I wont be opening the club house, its only small, no way of social distancing in the club house, plus a number of the staff who bring the kit, have health issues so would need to do a full scale clean of the place and equipment, I`m not doing that, I have enough on as it is.


So, that leaves outside on the pitch, again, with government guidelines, we would be allowed 6 people max!


Not sure how we could police that, could say its first come first served, your names not down your not coming in ETC ETC, but the other aspect is if we are allowed!


We rent the access off the local parish council, if they say no and we turn up, then they revoke our access and no dark site for any of us.


I will ask the parish council now what their policy is on us turning up, just to satisfy the masses and my curiosity. 

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