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hello and help...

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hello all 

i live in warrington in cheshire but was directed here by Andy via the UK astronomy group on facebook

i have a problem with my skywatcher 250 flextube goto  i have a message on the handset saying "no response from both axis"

i'm looking for someone who might be able to fix it or who can point me in teh direction of a company that can

i was told to ask for @Graham ?

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Hi and welcome Ira.

Sorry you are having problems, I am not much use with the electronics side of things, but OK with anything that needs hitting.

I hope you get it sorted soon. In the meantime, have a mooch round and make yourself at home. Enjoy your stay.

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Hi Ira and welcome to EMS 🙂


I used to have the 12" goto flextube and 9 out of 10 times this sort of message is caused either by faulty power connections, faulty power cable, or faulty/drained power supply. So I would start to diagnose from a totally recharged battery pack, a fully checked power cable (use an electrical tester or multi meter), and secure connections (i.e. plugged in properly). Let us know once you've checked those and we can try and take it forward from there. 🙂

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sorry for the delay in replying i have got any notifications so need to sort my settings out 


i've checked the power supply and getting i little over12v on the main board power connection 



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