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Windows 7 screen message?


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Need some help please? When I switch on my laptop I get a message that says ' zone info directory not found, please install the tzdata package' ?? I've no idea what this means! Anybody have any ideas? It doesn't seem to interfere with the running of Windows 7 as far as I can see??


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Guest Kheldar

In Linux that's a package relating to time zone information : I wonder if your Windows has corrupted somehow?

First off try changing the time zone to something other than what it is set to, then restart.

Then change it back and restart.

If all else fails, you may need to try a system restore to a point before this error started appearing (make sure anything you're bothered about losing is backed up elsewhere first!)

This is guess work I'm afraid, I've never seen that error in Windows before :)

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi Ron,

As Kheldar, this is usually a message from linux / ubuntu. Though it can be created by applictaions that have timezone dependent features.

If the resetting of the time zone an date does not work, then you have three options :-

1. Leave alone??. It is not likely to affect use .(Check any time dependent stuff like astro sw)

2. Return to previous restore point.

3. Windows repair. You will not loose data / programs but will return your laptop to original state. Thus you would need to upload any new patches service packs etc.

Have a look here :-- http://www.delorie.c...q/faq22_20.html

And here :-- http://social.techne...0e-ce7faef17b55


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Thanks both, tried resetting time zone and restarting, no joy! Willleave it for now and if any other problems occur I'll do a system reset..



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Yeah - me too Ron lol - computing is beginning to pass me by - I think it's age kicking in hehe :)

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