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15 x 70's


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Been using my 10 x 50 boots bins for a while now, and although pretty good, they are heavy, old and a bit un comfortable to use. I'm looking to get something to replace them with and I was planning on the Celestron 15 x 70's, I know there are issues with collimation with them, so I know what to look out for. I have seen some second hand revelation 15 x 70's which look identical to the celestrons. The seller states that they are in good condition and remarks that they are 100% collimated, so I will assume they know their stuff.

Are the revelations the same as the celestrons, or is one better than the other? The price seems fair, although not great.

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I love my celestron Skymaster 15x70s. With the larger aperture though you do need a tripod as they get heavy quickly. I put mine on the horizon 8115 tripod.

Have not tried the revelations myself so can't comment I'm afraid. For the money the celestrons are a bargain in my opinion.

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I,ve sold boxes of the Skymaster 15x70s and never had one out of collimation, and never had one returned for any reason.

Maybe I,m just lucky or use loads of extra packing when sending.

I,m out of stock at the moment, but have one A-grade with a hair or similar on the inside of one lens These have now sold, sorry

If you are serious about getting great results, and maybe increasing the budget, consider the Visionary Neoma 15x70s.

They easily outperform the skymasters in everyway.

Daft though it sounds, I dont sell many of them simply because people have not heard of them

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I'd love to have the budget for some Visionary Bins, but for now it's sticking around the £50-£70 mark for me. How much would you be looking at for the afore mentioned seconds? Are the lenses removable? (i.e. would it be possible for me to strip them to get rid of said hair?)

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