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New Website

Guest Eddy

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Hi Edward, your website looks good though i am no expert. All the links seem to work. It is good to see some positivity from a younger person as it seems to be lacking from most in my experience. I hope that your website helps you to acheive what you want it to.

Just out of interest and i hope you don`t mind me asking, is that a Polish surname you have?

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Hi Edward. It's a good start and good luck with it. One pointer from me would be to make it iPhone friendly. Lots of people use iPhones and iPads to access forums and its likely to be the predominent way to access in the future to well worth you making sure it works well. Good luck

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Hi Mark, yes it's Polish.

Tom unfortunately I don't have an iPhone so can't test it but it should work fine as it works ok my on Android phone

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Hi Eddy, looking good.

I tried it out on my IPhone 4s and it does not load quite right. Not quite sure how to describe it but the writing at the top is hard to read as the colour changes from the grey to a white.

If you are at the meet next Friday I can show you.

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Hi Edward,

Your website looks very professional on my laptop. Well done.

Had a look at it on my iphone and it is definitely not iphone friendly. When you enlarge it so it is readable, the menu bar just covers the screen. Find one of your friends with an iphone and have a look for yourself.

So I agree with Tom (Teslars) comments that it really needs to be fully compatible with phones as well.

Just needs a bit more work for full compatibility.


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