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ZWO Planetary Cam Newbie

Al Long

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Hi all,


I took delivery of my ASI462MC this week. I did manage to get a couple of snaps, but am highly confused by the settings. Any advice for starting out?

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For Mars

i use a region of interest

I use a histogram of about 75-80% on the red and leave the others at default

I am getting about 90ish fps (you should get better)

if I cannot get 90fps I drop the exposure and increase gain to get me back to the on the  75% histo


with mars you can take quite long runs of up to about 10mins


using Autostackert 3 I set to derotate in advanced settings and analyse then stack at 25-50 and 75% of frames


into registax for colour balance RGB align  & wavelets using intial layer of 1,2 or 3 and adjust the slider for 2-1  whichever gives the best (don't overdo it too much) then ps to finish


jupiter and saturn rotate much quicker and the runs I keep to 3 mins with the colour cam


have fun


tweak focus  at the scope on a regular basis as seeing changes it quite a bit and you can be off a touch



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