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A surprise Mars from tonight 18.11.2020


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Nice capture, I think I can see the 'eye'. I observed Mars visually last night about an hour up to transit. I thought the southern pole was difficult to see, like it had been a few weeks ago, but then brightened again. I put it down to combination of bad seeing and Mars getting further away. But a summer dust storm is a distinct possibility.

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I had another visual session last night on Mars with my 150mm Newt'. It seemed very bright, particularly the polar cap. I could even pretty easily use a Baader 610nm Red long-pass filter. Surface features were hazy and undefined however (except for the cap itself). I assume the storm is still raging somewhat, the dust clouds possibly have a high albedo, explaining the brightness compared to the previous night. 

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I had a visual session the other day and saw the south polar cap with a dark region surrounding it. As it was damp outside, I didn't want to risk taking my laptop outside. I got something using my DSLR and telescope at 1540mm focal length. As the conditions did not let me use more than about 100x focal length, I did not try a longer focal length.


Although I have done shots at over 9 metres focal length, I get better results with my Bresser Electronic Eyepiece.

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