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Processing pc upgrade 😁👍


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So my lad just upgraded his gaming pc , upshot of this is dad just acquired a pc for processing i5 processor, 24gb ram and a 1060 graphics card just need to sort storage out as we used the ssd on his new system so tomorrow it’s going work to have the dust blown out , will post a picture when I get it back up and running yay 😁 

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18 minutes ago, RonC said:

That's a great update, 24gb RAM is enormous!! Good luck!!

His new one has 32gb and a cool ring fan  in the cpu  that looks like a car  engine bolted to it 

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So pc up and running and wow what a power horse it is, so I ran Startools gpu accelerated version first Astro processing software to fully utilise gpu processing I can’t believe how quick this pc  processes data , before on my laptop each module in Startools would take a while now it’s down to seconds and the denoise module would take ages now completing I would say under twenty seconds .

pc specs 

1 x AMD Ryzen™ 5 1500X CPU (Quad Core, 3.6GHz - 3.7GHz, 16MB L3 Cache)
Air CPU Cooler 1 
1 x Cooler Master Hyper 103

Corsair Vengeance® LPX 24gb DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz C16 Memory Kit - Black
Graphics Card 1 
1 x NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1060 6GB Graphics Card
Motherboard 1 
1 x Asus PRIME B350-Plus (Socket- AM4, 4X DDR4, ATX)




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