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New Here!


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Hello everyone,

My name is Vasilis, I am from Greece living in the south of Derby and I bought my first telescope, a Skywatcher Dobsonian 8" a few days ago.
I have always wanted a telescope since 2012 when I was in the army on the mountain of a Greek island and every night that I would look up I'd see the sky COVERED in stars.... I wish I had this view here too but it is what it is. I finally decided to buy one now and get into it 🙂

I have been able to enjoy it for 1 night so far due to the weather... The moon looks so good close up through the telescope as if it's filled with diamonds! Gorgeous! I was so shocked and in awe! I took a peak at Mars, though it was so tiny. What caught my attention most in my first session was Pleiades, JUST WOW! I wish I could see it with its colours as if in the photos. It's still gorgeous though! I also tried to find andromeda with no luck but it's okay!

Since buying my first session, I have ordered and expecting the following:
-Phone adapter
-Barlow x2
-BST Starguider 12mm
-BST Starguider 3.2mm (I know I will rarely use it under these skies but I wanna try it on the moon and on Mars so bad)
-Baader Contrast Booster Filter 1.25
-Astronomik OIII Filter 1.25

and will probably get, eventually an 18mm and a 30mm eyepieces.

I hope to have interesting conversations here.
I also hope that you all are enjoying your Holidays despite covid (sorry I said that word in here) and its measures!

Vasilis 🙂

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Welcome to the forum Vasilis, sounds like you have a good start!

Ask any questions you have, somebody on here is sure to be able to help you.

If you have not already loaded 'Stellarium' I suggest you do as it is a must for

finding targets and learning the sky!

Good luck and a Happy New Year to you and yours..



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Hi Vasilis, a warm welcome to the group.


That's a great scope to get going with and the BST eyepieces are really good value for the money. There's a lot the scope will be able to show you and will keep you happy for a good while.

Make yourself at home and feel free to ask any questions you might have, someone will be along to help out.

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Hi Vasilis, welcome to EMS.

There's loads of interesting targets to track down with an 8" scope, although

from a 'city' like Derby alot of them are washed out sadly.

But you only have to drive a bit out of town and the skys are quite a bit better,

and if its a good clear night with good transparancy, these difficult to see objects really open up for you.


We have 2 'dark sites' where we meet up, although (you've guessed it) they are currently closed due to the present regime,

and are likely to stay that way for months.


Hopefully one day we can meet you, and show you some new objects as well.

But i'd certainly swap our UK sky's for what you have in Greece in a heartbeat if i could ! 😀

Enjoy the forum.


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Welcome Vasilis,

 You'll find everyone here friendly and helpful. As well as the two dark sites mentioned above we also meet up at Kelling Heath in Norfolk fof a few days in the autumn. Better skies and a good social event. Hope we'll all meet up as soon as the easing of restrictions allow


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Hi Vasilis, I'm Phil and one of a few people here who don't live in the East Midlands. I found this forum by casual browsing and haven't left. I have been in Athens twice, as a training instructor but also done some sightseeing at the weekends. I took my binoculars and Coronado PST there. Although I'm known for my interest in the Sun, it has been quiet recently but I had a look yesterday and it is starting to get interesting again.


One thing I strongly advise is to get a good pair of binoculars. An example you mention is that you haven't found the Andromeda Galaxy. Due to its size, you won't see all of it in your telescope. However, if you use 12x60 or 15x70 binoculars, you can see the whole galaxy clearly. I have a photo somewhere that shows where it is. Please let me know whether you need it and, if so, I'll find it for you.


If you check out my website, in my signature, there are links to my content and other important websites, like this one.

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Hi Vasilis and welcome on board EMS 🙂


THe 8" dob is a classic scope for both starter and experienced amateur astronomer alike. It's small enough to put on a goto mount and big enough (large diameter) to see well into deep space. It also takes great pics with the right camera gear, as wll as being very entertaining to look through.

You will see andromeda very clearly with it once you know exactly where to look. Other starter objects include the Orion nebula (M42), The Beehive cluster M44, Jupiter and Saturn - both very clear right now, and M13 is a good example of a globular cluster.

If you want to know where stuff is at your location any night of the year, download Stellarium to your computer - it's a very well established piece of astronomy software used by almost everyone.

Here's a tip for Andromeda:



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