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Setup for Bike

Guest Eddy

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Hi all,

Looking to get a setup for my motorbike so I'm not always having to look through everyones scopes if I go on my bike, budget is probably around £200.

I saw the meade etx 80 backpack telescope but its a bit overbduget.

Anyone got any other ideas?

The scope + mount need to be light and small enough to fit in a large rucksack on my back.

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You could always use a camera tripod and short tube frac. You could pick something up very cheap on ebay. You'd have no problem with that on your bike. Obviously you won't get the views like your 200P, but I had a very enjoyable time recently using my 80mm Celestron.

And if you have £200 to blow and going secondhand you could get yourself a very nice bit of portable kit. Much better quality than my Celestron 80mm. Might even get a s/h etx and stuff it in your own backpack.

See my 80mm frac on a video tripod...


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Just depends how big and heavy the scope is Eddy.

As far as I can see, if you are carrying it on a bike and only planning visual then you won't be using anything big. Say a 4" short tube frac or maybe a 127 Mak as a maximum. Anything on the larger end then you might need to put up with a less than ideal mount. It's just the bike that limits you.

I wonder how much you could get a S/H sidecar for. Then you wouldn't need to buy another scope. Your 200P would go in it ;) .

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I'm now considering some bins, £200 was a real push at the budget, so I'm thinking maybe some £150 bins maybe? Could anyone recommend anything at that price?

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