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New addition to my family.

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That is a thing of beauty Graham.

I'm glad to hear it has arrived safely.

Kudos to FLO. If that is not a glowing recommendation for them, i don't know what is.


These RC and CC scopes seem to be more popular than they were say, 10 years ago.

I don't know a whole lot about them, other than the RCs seem to have a faster focal ratio of F8 for wider fields

and the CCs seem to be around F12 for smaller fainter objects.


Also the CCs have a Parabolic primary, like a regular Newtonian, and the RCs have a 'Hyperbolic' (whatever that means?) primary + secondary.

Then theres the Tak Mewlons and Orion Optics ODKs that employ the Dall Kirkham design.

All interesting stuff. I will endeavour to learn more about them, as its a subject of much interest to me.

Is one design better than the other ? 

The Hubble Space Telescope is actually a RC design, so it must be good....!!

Looking forward to seeing your first light results anyway 🙂🔭👍🏼

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The RC design wins out on the rest because it produces a flat field across the whole image plain without the need for any correction lenses, field flatteners or corrector plates.

Thus you only have the 2 mirrors in the image train so brighter images.

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26 minutes ago, Peter Shah said:

Was going to ask if that mount was GoTo!


With this weather we are having it is about as far as it is going to go 😂

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Very nice Graham. Theres something about truss tubes that get me. These are OTA,s that appeal to engineers, space frames, trusses, plates with holes in them tgen to cap it all carbon fibre oooooohhhhh.

I shall get my coat 😀


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