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My new eyepiece set up


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Just got the last of my Vixen LVW eps today and have now been able to finish my ep case

So here it is. The case is a walnut case I got at auction sometime back, a previous owner kept a Walther target pistol in it. I refettled it and fitted pelicase inserts and then the eyepieces.

The 30mm 2" has been with me for years and its always been my fave so when I decided to upgrade my eps I went for Vixen LVWs and I must say I have not been dissapointed they are superb quality. The views of Saturn and luanr have been astonishing. OK they aint NAgler wide angle but 62 degree is fine enough for me, also the 20mm eyerelief makes them very comfortable.

Theres a Lanth 2x barlow an O111 and H beta filter in their as well making a nice bijou set up

Oh and yes they are brass fittings on the case :D

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Luvin the way you've done the case Phil - dead classy - and some great ep's to boot :)

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Nice Phil,

very classy case, did you make it yourself ?

Thanks guys, no Rob I got the box, very tatty, at an auction, I cleaned it up rewaxed it polished the brass and added a liner and pelicase foam which I got off ebay.

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Looks lovely Phil, I had no doubt there would be brass on it somewhere!

You should have kept the walter with it, good for sorting out light pollution! :D

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