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Newbie PC builder...

Lorraine Eason

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Evening all. Having been incredibly frustrated by either the time or the weather, I've managed to occupy myself doing other things.  Seeing as my current PC is a bit old and creaky these days, I've invested in all the parts to build a new one.  Only problem is, I'm incredibly nervous about starting the process of putting it together!! Probably daft, as I've changed drives and RAM and generally tinkered with the software in the one I've got; it's probably that I'm getting bogged down with the thought of how much I've spent on components and worrying too much about sending the whole lot up in a puff of smoke 😬😱😭 So any words of encouragement and support (as well as links to good YouTube idiot guides to PC building!!) would be much appreciated....🙂

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Hi Lorraine and welcome to the forum, there are some computer geeks on here and I'm sure you'll get the answers you need...

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Hi Lorraine,


It's actually really easy as long as you take your time and follow the instructions. The most fragile step is inserting the CPU into the motherboard - you need to ensure you are installing it correctly as it can look like it goes in more than one way, but there will always be a way to tell depending on the CPU you've selected. Read your manual and it'll tell you this (it's usually something like a small printed triangle in a corner, or a small cutout on the CPU itself).


There are some good YouTube resources to check out from respected tech reviewers. You'll need to keep in mind that the bulk of these will be for building gaming PCs and the hardware they've selected may not be the same as yours (e.g. you may be using the built-in graphics whereas they'll always have a dedicated graphics card, you may be using an SSD drive whereas they'll probably be using an M.2 drive). Just follow them as carefully as you can and omit any steps you don't need to perform. If you get stuck, search YouTube for guides on installing the specific part that you're on.


Important note: never ever ever ever EVER follow a guide from The Verge... Ever.


I'd actually recommend you watch the below through first to know all of the steps, so you aren't caught out by something as you follow it through.





Gamers Nexus is also very good, but potentially a bit too "nerdy" for a first timer. They'll bamboozle you.


P.S. Here's why you should not follow guides from the verge:



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