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Sun bothering again.....

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Hi folks. I took advantage this morning of some free time and the nice Easter weather for a spot of Solar viewing.

Alas, the sun itself is pretty quiet showing an almost featureless disc in white light.

There is only one tiny sunspot visible and its not that easy to spot with 53 year old eyes !


This is my 4 inch APM 105mm scope with small DM-4 mount on the new Planet tripod.

For visual i used a Baader Maxbright 2 and 19mm Panoptics giving 34x magnification,

and i also tried mono viewing with a 12.5mm 'Docter UWA' wide angle (52x)


I've been enjoying using this eyepiece with a Baader BBHS mirror diagonal and also used it extensively on Saturday evening at Belper darksite.




Yours truly, who's looking a little bit thin on top and lockdown corpulence all too evident !

The best thing about Sun bothering for me enjoying the warmth of it and not half freezing to death !! 😁






And here is what the camera saw...... 




Can you spot the tiny sunspot ? Sunspot 2813 i believe.

Finding it on the camera, even using the 5x and 30x zoom was not easy.

Then i remembered the visual view of it was mirror reversed.

I moved the camera across and there it was barely noticeable.

Thanks for reading 🙂


(1/2000 second, iso 100  -  Canon EOS Ra  *not for POTM*)





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