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SGPro not controlling PHD2 properly

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Derbyshire Dave

My usual telescope is a William Optics GT81, which I use with a ZWO ASI120mc guide camera and a separate guide scope. For galaxy season, I am now using a Meade LX200 SCT with a ZWO 174mm as the guide camera on an off axis guider.


Gear other than that is the same ZWO ASI183mm mono cooled camera, ZWO EFW filter wheel, Losmandy GM8 mount.


I have controlled the the GT81 setup with SGPro and the GT81 for a couple of years now, and had no issues, SGPro controls PHD2 properly, starting and stopping the guiding process correctly.


It's taken me a while to get used to the LX200, and originally I controlled it with APT (Astro Photography Tool). But have now migrated to SGPro. I have separate PHD2 profiles for the two telescopes, and separate SGP equipment profiles, the guiding part of which calls up the relevant PHD2 profile.


If I start PHD2 stand alone, with the LX200 profile , the guiding works fine. But if start the SGP sequence (with the right SGP Profile), it slews to near the target correctly, plate solves for the auto centre process, then says "Starting Auto Guider".. but it never does, and the sequence doesn't start. It does the same whether the guiding has been already been started independantly or not. If PHD is alread stared I can see that it is actually guiding correctly, so it's not an issue that it can't find a star or anything like that.


 It seems purely to be an issue of the two programs not communicating.


I haven't yet reverted to trying the GT81 setup, I'll try that next time out.


Has anyone any suggestions as to how to diagnose, or fix the problem..




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I seem to have read something similar somewhere recently can’t remember where , and it  was something to do with a driver I think they were using an ascom  driver but switched to manufacturer driver and it sorted it .

Are you running latest ascom or have you updated ascom lately may have caused the issue maybe 🤔 

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