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Guest AstronomyShed

Since music videos seem to be the mainstay of this thread, and since it's may 'area' here are a couple of what IMHO are some of the best music videos produced for a LONG time, like the music or not, the vids will entertain :-

Firstly, I think one of the cleverest ideas for a vid I've ever seen :-


Next, one of the funniest music videos ever! This one makes me absolutely roll!!


Next a newish dance track that's getting a lot of play with a brilliant vid :-


One of my fave videos, you have to watch it to the end to get the punchline :-


Finally, my most requested video ever!


And for trivia buffs, the vocalist on the 'Call On Me' track is non other than Steve Winwood, it's based on his 80's classic 'Valerie' (no, not the winehouse version) and he was also the lead singer of 60's band the Spencer Davis Group who did 'Gimme Some Lovin' and 'Keep on Runnin' amongst others!

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Blue Horses

Lovely Lizzie Prendigast is a superb musician, plays electric fiddle on this but she plays harp, keyboards does vocals etc.

Seen this band loads of times including Doveridge village hall a few years ago, they blew the windows out almost :D


The Hamsters I missed their farewell tour in November but these were a superb live band, ZZ Top, Hendrix and just good ole rock and roll


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A bit of culture now

Shostakovich Piano Concerto No 2 2nd movement Andante, this tune will melt stone

Saw this done at Symphony Hall, Moskow Philharmonic or someone and this big Russian lass came on stage looking like she'd just come off shift at the tractor factory. She sat at the piano and made it sing, fantastic


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