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Would anyone be able to be a taxi for the day?


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I was supposed to be attending a wedding next week, but as I have booked the wrong days off at work, and Iam not able to travel down on the Wednesday. Iam in the doghouse for this. ( and rightly so)

Would anyone be able to take Krys down on the Wednesday to a Hotel in Oxford?

All expenses and time would be gratefully covered.

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Guest JohnC

No problem.

Yes Dawn and myself would be happy to take her to Oxford.

Shall we pop round over the weekend and sort the time out.

Forgot your house number.....must write it down :D

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Hi John,

My employer has now changed his mind, and if I work tomorrow, I can have the time off now.

So thank you very much for putting Dawn and yourself forward to help, it's very much appreciated.

I have just got to get back into good books now! Which may prove more difficult.

Thanks again.

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