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Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Binoculars

Guest MrButters

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Guest MrButters

After researching my binocular choice further, I stumbled across these bad boys.

Still debating wether or not to go for some 15x70 SkyMasters, but I was wondering if any of you could offer any feed back as to wether the UpClose's are worth having?



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They will be quite heavy and you won't hold them steady enough without a tripod.

Usually anything over 10x will need a tripod.

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There are two ways round it.

One is to find a garden chair with arms on, that reclines. Rest your arms on the chair.

Two. Find a clean yard brush that doesn't have stiff bristles, turn it upside down and rest your arms on the upturned head.

If it's dirty, stick an old towel on it.

I sometimes do this when I can't be bothered setting up, usually a quick squint in between clouds.

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Guest MrButters

Thanks for the advice guys, but I think I may have been a bit unclear in the first message (sorry!).

Has anyone used the UpClose G2s? I can find loads of reviews for the SkyMasters, and am well aware of the hand held difficulties they present. But I've been scouring the internet and so far have been unable to find any user reviews for the smaller UpClose model.

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The Upclose G2s ar,nt available yet. Thats why there,s no reviews ^_^

They,ll have multi-coated optics (the discontinued Upclose had fully coated)

Will still be BK7 prisms like the new Helios Solana,s

I,m nearly out of the old upclose type left. Just got a couple of 7x50s left

Unsure at this point which budget 50mm bins I,ll stock up on next.

It will be the Helios Solano, Upclose G2s (if available) or some Visionary classic or Visionary B4s (BaK-4 prisms)

The Visionary B4 10x50 are a decent pair of bins, and too quickly over looked when next to the bigger names

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