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Help keeping the heat in.

Daz Type-R

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So just got the last peice of my dew prevention kit to sort (the secondary mirror), all the rest has been done.

Not much of a d.i.y person myself so have opted to get a Kendrick (complets the set!) dew band to wrap around the secondary mirror stalk.

Worked out I need the 0.965" premium dew strip (I know it's £30 but hey ho) but when testing my 2" premium dew strip last night, it was giving off some heat on the opposite side to the heater pads (hope that makes sense).

As I don't want any heat filtering into the OTA, is there any thin, easy to manage material that I can wrap over the top of the heater pad to keep the heat in and directed into the stalk?

There is some sort of wire mesh begining with the letter N (neochrome wire or something like that) that has been mentioned before, will that do, is there anything else out there?

Cheers guys.

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Just some insulation foam or insulation tape or something to stop the heat going elsewhere, but I thought you could buy actual secondary heaters, if you wrap it around the stalk surely its not going to be very effective and just induce turbulence into the tube?

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I can't find anybody who does/makes proper secondary heaters (like Kim's split ring heater) for a 200P, sizes start at 300P upwards.

I beleive it is because the secondary mirror on the 200P is so small, the heater ring would be tiny, just my guess.

Only options is a small resistor or something on the back of the mirror itself, covered in insulating foam or a heater band on the stalk covered in some form of insulation.

I will look into the insulation tape, if they do it in black, that would be even better.


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Guest JohnC

Have you seen these Darren?


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Thanks John, I had seen them, but was unsure how they fit, as the stalk on the S/W 200P is attached directly to the back of the secondary mirror, with the screws for collimation touching the back of the mirror.

How would these heater pads fit?

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Stephen, yes I had the channel right the way up to max, just to see how much heat (if any) came through on the "wrong side".

I was pretty certain (all though not 100%) that I would never need the channel at MAX, but thought it best to experiment.

Think I will go down the heater strip and insulation tape route unless any body else has a cracking good idea.

Thanks all for the feedback.

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If you want to stop heat radiation wrap the strip with Cooking foil before you put the tape on.

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