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telescope help

Guest craigymuk

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Guest craigymuk

Hello i am new to all this and i am wanting to buy a scope but only have 200 quid max. I live in a flat but will mostly be using it outside thanks

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Hi Craig


I would suggest that you pop out to the next meet and see various scopes and set ups.

You will be able to discuss options and see where your interest are.

I think a good pair of bino's is a good starting point.

Best regards


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Hi Craig,

To get the most out of any scope you will need to use it outside ;)

£200 will buy you a half decent scope capable of seeing all the planets, alot of deep space objects such as galaxies, clusters, nebulas etc.

Question is what type?

An EQ mount or a dobsonian mount.

If you are not interested in photography go for a dobsonian, if you have an interest in photographing what you see go for an EQ, but then £200 will buy you a much better Dobsonian then an EQ type telescope.

Have a look at these:



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Ahhh, I see you want to go down the "dark art" route of astrophotography?

That I'm afraid takes time, patients and cash!

The trouble with astrophotography is that you need a decent scope to gather the light, then you need an equatorial mount to track the object you want to capture, then you need a webcam/ccd/dslr camera, plus a pc/laptop to run the software, then battery's and cables to power it if you can't get to a power socket and all this adds up to hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Please don't think I am trying to put you off, I just wanted to give you a heads up into the sort of prices you will need to spend to get decent pictures.

I my self don't want to do astrophotography due to the price and the amount of time it takes, I much prefer visual.

If you want, you can pop round one night and I can show you my set up which may give you some ideas.

Good luck!

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Guest Kheldar

Thanks mate will do was looking at this to get me into it http://www.firstligh...p-flextube.html

That would do to get you used to looking up at things, but it has no use for photography I'm afraid.

To be quite honest, for your budget, I'd put thoughts of photography aside for now.

For £200 you can get a second hand 8" Dobsonian, and really enjoy the views up there :)

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You will be amazed how small that scope is Craig, IMO it's a childs scope and honestly you will get bored very quickly with it.

Look secondhand and get a good quality 8" Dob.

LOL Stephen beat me to it.

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If only I had seen this earlier. A skywatcher 200P went on eBay earlier today for just £175-good condition and bargain price. Sometimes can catch a bargain on there but also best to look at astrobuysell too.

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I would agree with the above comments, do not do as I did, and have regrets later. I bought a scope without help, and my son has it now.

A 200P dob will show you loads, and is a workhorse with regard to its capacity on varied objects. It is one of the most popular scopes around, Iam willing to bet THE most popular.

But, as with all scopes you will have to learn the sky, and that's what we are here for, you won't be on your own.

When you have a good night the buzz lasts for ages.

Welcome to the obsession!

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If you're going to do astrophotography then you'd need to budget around about a grand for a reasonable starter set up. I would learn a bit about the hobby first by just observing till you're ready to take that step - it's a steep learning and spending curve. With your budget as it stands I would seriously consider the advice above.

The 200P Dobsonian is a very good place to start - and there's no rush cos the stars aren't going anywhere. Come to a meeting first and take a look at the different types of setups to make an informed choice. :)

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The link gave me a 404 error page not found - the 130P is a good starter scope - but it depends on the mount type - my preference would be for the eq type. But I still think you'll get more from a 200P - it has a much bigger light grab - you'll be upgrading the 130P within a year I reckon due to it's aperture limitiations. But still a good basic starter scope :)

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