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Somewhere in the region of NGC 6946.


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On Saturday night I had the Frac running in the obs taking images of M31.

I was sat in my garden watching out for the meteorite display.

Whilst sitting there wishing I had some binos so I could do some visual an idea dawned on me.

I had a perfectly good 200mm Newt sitting indoors doing nothing.

I stood the Newt on its end on the grass, put in my 25mm EP and focused it.

I then placed my garden bench next to the Newt.

Anyone would think it was a proper set up as I could lay there in perfect comfort with the EP at exactly the correct height.

Laying there watching the stars pass through my field of view was so totally relaxing time seemed to stand still, so much so I lost the next 3 hours.

My M31 was now a total disaster as the mount had reached the limit stops and had shut down and all I had was sub after sub of light trails.

Anyway whilst observing I noticed a spectacular mass of stars and made a mental note to go back tonight and get an image of them.

Searching through my Atlas I worked out the star cluster was in the region of NGC 6946.

I set the Frac up and found my target.

It was as brilliant as I remembered.

The guiding decided it just was not going to play ball tonight so I took the subs without it.

The result was 60 30 second subs at ISO 1600.

Stacked in DSS along with 11 Darks and 11 Flats.

Finished off in Photoshop 6.

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