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Which way to go.

Guest JohnC

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Need advice from you guy's and gal's.

Would like to purchase 3 eyepieces and 1 barlow.

Budget £100 per eyepiece and same for barlow.

Scopes are

7" Mak at F15

72mm refractor at F6

Will be getting 120mm refractor at F6 or F7

Interests, lunar/planets Clusters, globs. Damn everything really.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have tried hyperions and did not get on with them.

At the moment i only have budget Plossols.



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I`m not too sure about the ep's, so will leave that up to the likes of Kim etc.

But about the barlow, a powermate is the best sort of magnification you can get, but they are pricey (way over £100).

In my opion, I think the next best thing would be a TeleVue 2x barlow, which, from GreenWitch, comes in at £100!

Link below.......


TeleVue are renowned for the ep's etc so I doubt you will not go wrong with one of those.

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Hi John I'm in the Baader Hyperion camp and very happy to recommend them 5,13,17mm and 8-24 zoom. I have a 3X televue also I can recommend that though I also have a 2X celestron Ultima which is a great bit of kit. I call it stubby as its so compact :)

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