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Moonlite focuser or the like


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Hi I am thinking about replacing my standard intes Micro MN 76  focuser  I rellay  like the Moonlite ones  but they are expensive   any recommendations please 


regards Speed 

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Sourcing a focuser is going to be your biggest problem.

I don't think they (Moonlite) are currently producing them ? Only for imaging etc.


Your best bet is to get in touch with them directly, and 'Ron' is pretty good to deal with


At one time they used to do dedicated upgrades for the Russian Maks and Mak Newts.

See below. But be wary going down this route as its easy (widely reported back in the day) to bugger up ones collimation.




If you look under 'Products - CR Format 2" Newtonian focusers, theres some info of the upgrades they (used) to to for Intes / Intes Micro

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A statement from Ron,  CEO of Moonlite :



MoonLite is not able to make and ship Manual versions of our focusers due to severe supply chain issues.

Only motorized versions are available to ship at this time.


We are forced to phase out all manual versions and are removing them from our web page as the last of each model are sold.

The severe semiconductor and electronic component shortages may also start affecting our automated / motorized models as well by the end of the year. We are seeing delays up to 50 weeks for some components.  These issues can't last forever, and I hope 2022 will be better. Let's all hang in there and see if the supply chain issues get resolved soon. 


Ron Newman

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You could have a look at the Baader Diamond Steeltrack. Very smooth,  light and not silly money.

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I like the Starlight FeatherTouch I have on my 9 1/4" SCT, but I note they are all out of stock on FLO so may have the same supply problem as Moonlites.

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