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Good Iridium Flares tonight/ tomorrow in L'boro

Guest wisewoman

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Guest wisewoman

I have a soft spot for these man made spectacles and for those of you in the Loughborough area there is a bright daytime/dusk flare this evening at 7:41pm and 42 seconds. Altitude 51deg (a reading of 90deg would be overhead) and direction 341deg (NNW)

Then there is a bright one in the wee hours at 3:07am 34 deg altitude and 130deg direction (SE)

To find out about Iridium Flares that will be occurring at your location, join Heavens above (free) where they will give you a list. :)

To find out what an Iridium Flare is go here: http://www.satobs.org/iridium.html

Generally speaking you will get a really bright flare a few times a week and lots of others, of varying brightness, the rest of the time.


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