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Dark sky in Nottingham?


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Does anyone have any tips of areas which are open to the public and safe with less light pollution than in my back garden for night time observing?

I don't want to go anywhere where I'll get mugged, arrested or propositioned.

I'm based in West Bridgford so south of the city would suit me better.

Thanks for any advice.


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We have a dark site at Sawley, which is just down the end of the A453, it isn't too dark, but it's way better than a back yard.

You would be very welcome to come over one night and join us.

The other site is at Belper, which is a bit of a trek, but that is dark, with the Milky Way being easily visible when the seeing is good. This has the benefit of having a Cricket pavilion we can use, providing warmth and shelter. It's worth the trip to Belper, as these tend to be longer sessions than Sawley, which has no facilities.

Keep an eye on the EMS meets section which is in the information and announcements section.

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Belper is the place to go as it's unlocked, all you need to be is a member of the darksite members group. Sawley is behind gates and you have to be accompanied by a key holder, thats why it's not used much.

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I'm up for a meeting at Sawley any weekend the weather's clear - send me a pm whenever you're up for a Sat (or sometimes Sunday meet) and I'll get hold of a key and announce a meeting :)

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It will be nice to meet you there James - we have a meeting announced for the bank hol w/e - not sure which day yet we'll see what the weathers doing nearer the time (and which is the most favoured night). Pop your name down in the "Meets" thread in Announcements section and state a preferred day and keep an eye on it Fri/Sat to check what's happening :)

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