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Camera-Laptop cables

Guest Steve

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get everything together I will need to try some imaging at Kelling Heath.

Downloaded BackyardEOS, DeepSkyStacker, Castrator and AutoStakkert, so I think I am covered on the software :)

I have a Canon 450d - what do I need in the way of cables to control it from a laptop? Just the standard USB lead, or something specialised?

In particular, what about length - if I want my laptop in doors (flaps) ((tent)) then I'm going to need a couple of meters minimum.

Looking for advice.


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Std lead that came with the camera works fine though a bit short. I did buy a longer one from Scan not used it properly yet but it does work

5M long part number NLUSB2-EXT Cable Boost

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I've only used it in a shirt test. A bit strapped for time at the moment. But I think I upped the delay a little to compensate

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You'll want a usb 4-way hub and one (or possibly two) 5m "active" USB extension leads. Make sure you have adaptors for the gear too which can be either of parallel to serial or serial to usb. If you plan it right you'll only need two cables from the rig to the tent - power and usb :)

Check out Astronmiser - they do the lot.

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Thanks all - I've got a 5m Active USB extender + 5m USB A to B, to slot straight into the camera, on the way from Amazon. (Thinking ahead to when I might start doing it at home - 5m may not be enough).

I assume that is camera power you mean Kim? Yeah - I guess the standard battery will not last that long. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Paypal I go....

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Actually I was thinking mount power which I do from a transformer and/or powerpack. There's also the dew bands and controller in there too. The camera (1000D uses it's own internal battery) and the webcam guider feeds off the usb lead. :)

(I keep a stock of ready charged camera batteries but you can get adaptors for the battery compartment)

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