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Finally! I got NGC 7000 Properly

Guest Eddy

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Camera: Canon 300d modded

Lens: Sigma 120-300mm at 120mm F2.8

Subs: 25 lights(2minutes each), 16 darks

Location: My Garden

Stacked in DSS, Processed in PS.

Cropped version


Full Size


Edited by Eddy
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Very nice. So much detail in the widefield. :)

Suspect you have suffered with some dew on the lens.

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I think the focus was just a bit off Andy :) There was a tiny bit of dew towards the end of the subs but I think they all got scrapped.

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Very nice eddy, very nice indeed. I love wide field shots, there's just so much to look at :)

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Blimey, you have come so far in such a short time. A fantastic effort Eddy, your determination to nail it paid off.

So, what next?

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Next on the list Martyn is M31(I know i've already done and it and loads of others have) but I want to get about 100 x 90 second subs on it to get some lovely detail.

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