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My Other Passtime


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I've been quite busy the last month working on another local project, a Nottingham based horse rescue.

For anybody who is interested in horses or horse welfare, it's a cracking little start-up charity (working towards registered status) that takes in neglected, abused and abandoned horses, bringing them back to health and then rehoming them on a loan basis.



I'm a sucker for hard work and punishment. :unsure:

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Here's some of the work they've done.


This is Bingo. Bingo was thrown out of the back of a van at a roadside and abandoned. The RSPCA asked Moo-Haven to take Bingo in, otherwise the poor animal would have been destroyed.


This is Chumlee, he was found abandoned along with two other horses. All were in a terrible state when they were found, severely underweight and riddled with worms. A recent worm count thankfully showed the investment in wormer paid off, the worms have all but gone. Chumlee was on the verge of euthanasia if the treatment hadn't worked, so a good result.


This is Fizz, a fiesty young filly. She was found abandoned in a field surrounded by rotting hay and sheep faeces. Her feet were overgrown and she had no trust for humans. It ultimately took a dart to get her under control so she could be fitted with a head collar, have her wormer and get her feet trimmed. She's got a lot of work to come to gain her trust and return her to full health.


This is Kevin, an undersized example for his class which made him unwanted. Moo-Haven picked him up from a market where, for the price being asked, he may have ended up in tinned animal food. He's full of energy and life.

As you can see, I've been getting to know them. I've become quite attached. :)

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Nice one Craig.

It doesn't surprise me that you got involved with this charity, and it's obvious that the care and love for the animals is bringing them back to a happy and healthy life.

On a personal note, I don't support the RSPCA any longer. Three times I have phoned them for help, and every time they batted it off to a charity, as they wouldn't get involved.

The last time was a dog loose on the M1 near J28. I Rang the RSPCA, who said they couldn't attend as it was too dangerous for them, and that I should contact the dog warden. He wouldn't attend either. Another man in a Jaguar had already stopped further up the hard shoulder, and with help form two truckers who stopped lane 1, 2 and pulled over lane three to stop traffic, we got the dog.

The Police weren't interested either, but I took it to Hucknall Police station and told them it was their responsibility, as the dog is technically lost property. I got a caution off the desk officer for letting him know what I thought about their caring approach.

So it is the independent animal charities that get our donations.

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A very worthwhile cause Craig - credit to you mate :)

@Martyn - typical police reaction - I collared a couple of lads kicking a ball against my car once and called the cops - they cautioned me for potential assault - what on earth do they think their job is these days?

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What lovely stories, well done to you Craig and everybody involved, a worthy cause. :) We also prefer to support the smaller independent charities, they so often get overlooked.

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site looks good craig, already been in touch by e mail with Linda, wish them all the best for me. Will keep an eye on them


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Linda mentioned she'd mailed you. :)

It's starting to come together now, she's had a load of friends register on the website but it's still early days, the forum largely empty. More work, no rest for the wicked!

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You might like our latest arrivel (this evening)... :)


He suffers from a bone disease which means he can't really be used for showing or riding. His owner was very loving and wanted the best for him, so now he's got a new home. :)

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