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Growing up Kribs ;-)


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Finally I've taken a pic of one of our tanks, the Kribs are some of Pat's babies - as you can see they're growing/grown well. I've taken these without the flash so apoligises for the blurred fish - they wouldn't sit still. Also the angle is wonky because the TV is in the way, but you get the idea.

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That tank is beautiful!

What is the Central yellow plant thing? Looks like feathers!

Thank you. :) That is some old random plastic fern like plant, I say old, everything in there - except some fish, is 5 to 10 years old, I've not bought new decor for ages, I just keep recycling and rotating the half a cupboard full I've accumulated over the years.

The lighting is http://www.arcadia-u...an=en⊂=&id=4 which gives a warm pinky light and not that bright white light that can bleach many colours.

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Guest Rooster

Always liked kribs but never had any! Always had community tanks... Not sure if they would fit in?

Having said that I'm down to a single angel and a few neons now.. Should really stock up again :unsure:

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The built up area is lava rocks with holes in them, just carefully stacked up. I thought the Kribs would enjoy a flat each, but everyone else has moved in, at least everyone has their own pad now.

That's a good tip you're doing with the snails. The snails won't hurt the tank, in fact they're help clear up, unfortunately they don't know what's a plant and what's not, and just eat everything - which isn't so good.

You can catch the snails by weighing a piece of cucumber down, they will all flock to it and then get ate by your bigger fish. ;-)

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Your tank looks great.

I like the Polypterus and the oddball fishes.

Our tank just has a few pretty ones in at the moment, but we do have a very funny old Horse Faced Loach about 4" long which burrows under the sand.

Regarding the snails, I only ever seem to get snails living inside the external filter and get rid of a lot of them when I do a filter clean. I get hundreds of tiny pointed shell snails up to about 4mm long, but never in the tank.

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