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Who's after a high powered telescope then?


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Yep - that one's been discussed at length "elsewhere" lol. The guys an absolute nutcase - you should see some of the replies to reasonable questions on make, model, and aperture size lol. Clearly no idea about astronomy. :)

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"as You can See I've got Perfect Feed-Back on My Profile"

Click on his feedback, and you,ll see that its not so perfect :mellow:

Waiting for the guys on SGL to start bidding 3k again

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I stand corrected, check out his other items, he's flogging a indoor hydroponics lighting kit.

Iam pleased he ain't my neighbour.

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Apparently he's been somehow resetting his feedback every time it goes pear shaped - that's a heck of a lot of resetting lol :)

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Yep, this is the same idiot as the other week, winning bid was £400 if I remember correctly.

What a fruit loop!

In fact, it's the exact same photo, here is last times discussion.........


Edited by Daz type-r
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