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celestron verses quantum

Guest tony

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hi all.....this is my first post, great site by the way :-)

hope you can help with the following question....i`m looking at purchasing a pair of celestron`s skymaster 25x100 bino`s for my wife as a present i`v also seen Quantum 7 25x100....they both look the same to me except that the Quantum 7`s seem to have a rubber outer, could you tell me please are there any other differences?

Also i appreciate that i`ll need a tripod to mount these on with the weight in excess of 9 lbs, can you recommend a mount for these? what about HORIZON 8115? am i right in assuming that any camera tripod with a load capacity of at least 5kg will suffice?

regards tony

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Hi Tony, welcome to the forum! Certainly the tripod you described would be OK, the rubber coating on the bins would certainly help on wet, dewey nights and may add some weight, but they are pretty much the same I think. :)


Ron :)

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As far as I am aware the skymasters are rubber coated also. I have the celestron 15x70s and the 8115 tripod. Both fantastic in build quality. The tripod is extremely sturdy.

Welcome to EMS by the way :)

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thanks ron & felix.......my wife has always been a bit of a stargazer using mainly cheap binoculars that rattle or just with the naked eye, always pointing up in the sky ......OH LOOK, THAT`S....???.....YES DEAR. i`v offered to buy her a telescope in the past but she`s always said she would prefer binoculars, so she`ll be pleased as punch to receive these. i must admit i myself have always been interested in the other end of the spectrum (microscopic world) but the more i read up on this subject and reading the forums the more i`m becoming interested in this end of the spectrum. I`M actually looking forward to her getting these bino`s aswell :-)..........oh look i said bino`s instead of binoculars i must be getting hooked ha ha

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Hi Tony, a warm welcome to EMS.

I have a pair of the 15x70 revelation bino's. They are a great for wide field objects, and M44 the beehive cluster is just stunning.

If you haven't got it already, download Stellarium, it's a fantastic bit of free software.


Feel free to ask any questions you might have, there's always someone around who will help.

Enjoy the forum.

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Kim beat me to it!
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