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Sh2-155 a comedy of errors


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It shows I am really rusty with this imaging malarcy. Scope, mount, camera were all working flwlessly the only thing was I wasnt :wacko: If I could forget something or drop it or leave it off I did it, its a wonder I managed to look through the right end of the scope, sheesh

Anyrode what should have been 4 hours of Sh2 - 155 Cave Nebula near M52 between Cass and Ceph ended up as 2 hours.

Details - WO FLT98 with WO flattener 4, Atik 314l with 6nm Astronomik filter. 2 hours of subs ranging from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. No cooling on the camera cos I forgot it.

No idea why I have a halo around the brightest star, the filter is suppossed to be the latest that doesnt halo as I had it changed

Despite all the fun and frolics I found this area quite interesting with loads of stuff in there hope you find it as interesting


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Yeah that halos wierd - I've no idea what causes it - apart from that it's a really lovely shot Phil :)

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Hi Phil

nice image plenty of detail for 2 hours work

we all have "those sort of nights"

one or 2 of the brighter star round the edges also show a bit of haloing it could be an internal reflection of the brighter stars on the shiny anodising on the focus tube

I had this some years ago and had to flock the tube to cure it

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aha, i figured out why i have the halos now and not before, i had the filter wheel on back to front so the glossy side of the filter was toward the ccd causing internal reflections. just tried a couple of subs thro the mirk tonight and all is well

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Heres a bit more data, now about 3 hours.

Still got the same halos, swapping the filter round made no difference also I have guiding issues now my CGE just will not guide properly. I think the wheels have dropped off my imaging just lately. Anyrode I reckon its time to strip the CGE and relube it with some nice teflon grease after all its been out in the obs in all temperatures and humidities for a few years now.

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