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Latest DSO efforts!


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These images are single exposures, no stacking (next hurdle!) Comments please?

First ever DSS photo of Cygnus area!

Taken 06/06/2012

SW 200PDS on an unguided EQ5 Pro mount from my obsy.

Canon 1000d unmodded

30 sec at ISO1600

Only 1 stacked on DSS

Edited by Ron Clarke
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For single exposures Ron they are pretty good.

I am amazed you have managed to get so much detail.

Are they taken through a scope or just a lens?

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they are very good ron, but jealous not managed any yet, hope to at kelling. but knowing my luck something will go wrong :lol:


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Thanks Sheila and Martyn, as I said to Mark (Oldfruit) it's a steep learning curve, but enjoyable I think!

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