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Solar Eclipse Tuesday 25 October '22


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A quick reminder we have a partial solar eclipse happening Tuesday morning 🙂


From Derby, the eclipse will begin at    10:06 hrs   BST


Mid eclipse will be at   10:57 hrs  BST   Only around 16%  (if i've worked it out right) of the sun will be obscured.


Eclipse ends at   11:50 hrs  BST




Lets hope we get a few opportunities to follow it and grab a few images 🤞🏼🙂🔭

Its the last day of my long weekend so i've dropped lucky for a change so will be out in the garden.


The last eclipse we had here was June 10,  2021 but was mostly clouded out, barring a few glimpses here and there.

I only managed to grab a dodgy image of it, as i only had a very brief window lasting less than a minute. My focus was poor, so lets hope i can improve on that !



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I'll dig out my little scope with it's solar filter and take to work. The way things are going I'll need the cloud filter though.

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