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Another partial eclipse piccy....


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Cracking shot Rob. I saw it from Derby through a bit of solar film. I couldn't get a shot with the mobile though as some weird reflection was going off between the camrera and film surface.

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Nice shot Rob - exactly what is still in my minds eye, as like you I tracked it all the way through with my LX200, those sunspots are burned into my mids eye! The weird curly looking one at two o’clock on your image made me think I had something on the eyepiece lens at first! It was also interesting to see the peaks and troughs on the edge of the Moon.

Sorry I have not been posting on here for a while, I need to get back on board, - though I have been up to my eyeballs doing astronomy stuff all the time… my passion is still strong. I am quite involved at the MSAS club, lots going on… it is good to see all the familiar names still posting and evolving too.

cheers and clear skies all


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Cheers Rob, your image is exactly what I was seeing ☺️👍 I enjoyed the partial eclipse. it is good to see live stuff happening in real time - similarly,  I was watching Jupiter on Wednesday evening whilst Io was occulted by Jupiter and Ganymede and Europa were transiting, Callisto was the only moon on show! Then Ganymede popped back out and it’s shadow transited… all great stuff!

I also spent a couple of enjoyable hours catching up on the site yesterday 👍

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9 hours ago, Bino-viewer said:

@Smithysteve I see you still have the big 16" Lightbridge Steve. Is it performing well ??

It is brilliant!
Objects are bigger and brighter, the Perseus double cluster, M13 etc really look pin sharp and the stars look like diamonds. M51 shows spiral structure, Bodes galaxies look great and spring galaxies pop up everywhere you look in Virgo etc. M110 & M32 jump out at you.

I feel the Hilux coatings increase the reflective qualities. Also the setting circle and wixey are the best mod ever - brilliant - I am always showing MSAS members with push-to dobs the virtues of using them, and have helped several with mods.

Visiting old favourites gives me that wow again!

Nuff said I think 🪐☺️👍 great chatting! 🔭

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2 hours ago, BAZ said:

You carry on chatting Steve, great to see you are ok and still have the passion. 

Haha, don’t get me talking on Astro stuff Martin -I don’t know when to shut up! The passion grows! Good to hear from you too!

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