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First crack at a mosaic


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13 minutes ago, Graham said:

That has turned out rather well

Yes I was delighted Astap stitched the fits together first before processing, been tinkering in startools and I can reduce the green bias when loading the separate channels and that seems to look better so I will have a play this week, if I can get at least 4hrs on each pane then that should help but considering pane1 only 50mins of data it’s not too bad .

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1 hour ago, Derbyshire Dave said:

Really good job Dave, it can be a tricky business

I found Astap fairly easy to follow to stitch together got on third attempt I hadn’t chose photometric calibration then basically stacked together using stack mosaic option  .

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9 hours ago, 8472 said:

Very nice, David.


Didn't know ASTAP could stitch mosaics?

I'll have to take a look at that.

Yes you may need to fiddle with the settings , I had Astap crop the panels 3%   
To rid any artefacts, I’m assuming you could stitch panels stacked in other software,think I got it right on third attempt, I get mixed results stacking in Astap but that may be me not tweaking some of the settings correct, I was getting small dark  artefacts stacking but  changed the sigma clip value  to 1.8 and that seemed to work better.

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Looking back, it seems I did have a go with mosaic stitching with ASTAP back in July last year after all.


I tried to stitch a Dark Shark and Iris nebula image, but the overlaps were too thick in one corner and the integrations were mismatched (being so close to the pole and not rotating the panes).


I still have the files so I'll have to revisit it with more Iris Nebula data at some point.

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