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Indoor flats


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Hi folks. Possible bit of imaging time tonight but because I'm leaving and getting home from work in the dark I won't be able to take any flats in my usual way. Anyone got any solutions for doing them with an artificial light source, without forking out for an LED flat panel?

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Pc screen is a simple alternative. Open up new a word document so it,s plain white then zoom in.

If its too bright put a bit of white thin paper in front or strech a white shirt or vest, (clean) over the end of the scope

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If I’m using my refractor I leave camera in situ I take flats with an old galaxy tablet with a sheet of white grease proof paper in front of screen(turn panel brightness down to a quarter of brightness) and use those flats for ages as long as I don’t move the camera and take a load of Dark flats too , saves a lot of time .

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