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AZ100 Motors First Light


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You should be able to make a bracket that attaches to the tube ring top flat surface.

The bracket can have a couple of ball joints allowing you to swivel the I pad in any direction you need it to be.

Easy enough to do. 👌

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Something like this may work : a tablet holder.

I think the original design was to hold a musicians chords, lyrics etc on a stand, but this has been adapted to hold a tablet iPad etc.

You would probably be able to clamp it on to the AZ100s counterweight bar if theres room.





One issue is that it may make the whole setup look a bit cluttered from an aesthetic point of view.

I've thought about an iPad holder for my DM6, but the mount is so minimalistic, theres literally nowhere to attach it.


So i simply just make use of the tray on the Berlebach (which is usually cluttered as well with eyepieces, batterys, coffee, gloves, glasses and everything else 😄)




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Thanks for your advice.


I was thinking of attaching it to the Nexus DSC shelf or where the shelf attaches.  I will look at using a map case for now.


I do like the minimalist look of the mount, which has been a bit compromised with the motors attached, but you can't have everything.


Motors 4


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