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Which binoscope platform should I buy???


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Please look at these two binoscope platforms and tell me which you would purchase to make a binoscope using two 70mm scopes, and why. Thank you very much.


1. AOK Swiss BB-130



2. Binotechno Platform S

http://binotechno.com/product_en.html (scroll down to "Binocular Refractor Cradle"


There is some urgency to my decision!

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Impressive stuff.

Considering the cost and complexity of this stuff, have you not considered a bigger aperture scope,

say something in the 120-150mm range, and just use a binoviewer with it, just to see how you get on ??

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When I was looking into my binoscope project I looked at these platforms and decided they were somewhat out of my budget. Also when youve factored in cost of 2 scopes. Eyepieces etc plus the platform you may as well have bought a pair of big bins.

70mm binoscope would be a bit limited, what do you want to observe with it? 

My binoscope is twin SW ed80 s 

I reckon the views through these 80mm binos are equivalent to the views through my old 127edt refractor with binoviewers so a 70mm binoscope would be about the equivalent of a 100mm scope for views. You wont be gaining much apart from portability


I built my platform which was a heck of a lot cheaper than buying one. OK it doesnt look as nice but it works well

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