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Holy donuts


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Imaged the flame nebula last night not a massive amount of data about 2 hrs though I need to reshoot flats which I thought may not work as too short exposure hence the donuts ,so will reshoot later and reprocess, I seem to be getting there with collimating though looking at altinak collimation looks out a tad though happy with the star so aperture  mask seems to have done a the job with reflections from primary mirror edge ,baader  cc not happy with so may take that off and see what stars are like without as some stars with the zwo533mc on a newt are ok or I need to shim or try a skywatcher cc which has a slight reducing effect (stars modified in Startools btw ) and I need to put on my 70mm 400mm fl guide scope as I was lazy and plonked the 130mm fl guider on large.67455635-5B42-4589-BE48-582AFED9DEAD.jpeg.8cbac02ff128b1f6e47ee4bec1b3f88e.jpeg

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Redone flats dint work which didn’t work which I think is down to the panel too bright though did put T shirt  over panel too so will tweak that and collimation had moved ,though I did collimation previously with scope off mount so we will see and shimmed cc out to about 58.5mm sovwill see how that goes next outing 🤦‍♂️

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