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William Optics 110


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This scope is on Ebay   


William Optics Telescope Engineering Apo 110 Oil Triplet Refractor.


One of the finest scope models ever made by William Optics. This is a f6.5 flt110 scope, as the Optics were made by TEC, so the quality is one if the best out there. I bought the scope just over a year ago but work commitments have stopped me using it too much. I've had it put maybe half a dozen times.


This has been fitted with a featbertouch focuser, which I was told had been serviced by feathertouch when it was installed. Also comes with a Astrozap Dew heater band and a very useful extended William optics gold Losmandy dovetail bar.


It is in a very good condition, apart from a small paint chip where the lens cap had been put on at an angle. The lens shade slides down sometimes, but the dew heater band stops this from happening!

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Nice and very interesting scope.

Good to see one out there, and a shame that you are moving it on.

I'm not sure how many TEC made : i'm guessing around 100 ??



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Theres not too much info about it ?


I've not seen it on ABS ?  They do have the F7 version however...

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yes   seen that one   if it is the TMB  design  and moon lite focuser   


Just  looking at other scopes   as well as waiting for the Takahashi  to come back into stock 

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