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Forget Your Taks Here's What I Want


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I've seen my dream scope, think I'll need to sell a few organs or the house first though ūüôā¬†


TEC 250VT F8.8 Fluorite APO Refractor inc Rings - 3.5" Focuser 




The new TEC APO250VT is the latest and largest refractor from the Telescope Engineering Company. It features a 250mm Air spaced fluorite triplet lens cell in TEC's customary hand crafted aluminium tube. The focuser is the TEC developed Starlight Instruments 3.5" Feathertouch.

Needless to say this is an observatory class telescope and while transportable, it would really be impractical for mobile use. We recommend that a mount in the 100kg class is combined with this outstanding refractor for maximum control.

This special telescope is made in small batches and lead times may be long. As with all TEC telescopes a 30% deposit is required with order. Please contact us for more details about lead times.

Please note that due to the lead time of such a telescope, the balance due is quoted as a fixed price in US$. This is therefore subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The list price shown is therefore a guide price and the total amount paid may be more or less than this figure.


Clear Aperture    250mm
Focal Length    2200mm
Type    Air Space Fluorite Triplet Apochromat
Minimum Length (transport)    2000mm
Maximum Length (observing)    2500mm
Tube Diameter    254mm
Weight, including Rings    50kg







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Added a couple more photos
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yeah, I should have listened to my parents and started saving when I was 16 rather than spending my wages on alcohol and LPs. 

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Just imagine what a beast of a reflector you could get for that price, including an observatory to house it! ūüėČ

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I know this guy and his company : TEC telescopes¬†ūü§ó


This is of course Yuri Petrunin, founder and CEO the above who are based in Colorado USA.

Him and his sons, hand figured my own scope and its optics, and i had the first of the newer 140mm fluorite scopes (in the UK)

delivered to me nearly 5 years ago now. They have made around 900 of the 140 models in the last 20 years or so which equates to around one scope every week.

Before they switched to refractors, they made some very nice Maksutov Cassegrains, using their Russian expertise and heritage, but sadly discontinued them.


The 140 is by far their most popular scope, and they also offer the same aplanatic oiled triplet design (Fluorite centre element) in 160 and 180mm sizes

but at a much higher cost.


They have a new 200mm F11 air spaced design, as well as the 250mm you referred to, but these are both obviously, observatory class instruments for universities

and small professional observatories.


Believe me, 140mm is plenty big enough for me, and i definitely won't be upgrading. It will surely see me through to the end.

Its a super scope, and way better than i need in all probability, given our grotty UK conditions and my deteriorating eyesight !!







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It's a lovely scope Rob. There's always loads of talk about how great Taks are on SGL, and it got me wondering how the TEC and APM LZOS scopes compare with them.

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Agema  telescopes are also in the list here   ( I believe the company is set up by ex TEC  staff ) Lana Trygubova  is very helpful   unfortunately  they have no UK dealerships  so deal directly with customers   nice but the the import and shipping costs are  ( forgive the pun ) astronomical     Agema optics inc    

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Had they cost then what they cost now, it would have been a no go for me.

They have gone up about 30% in the last 3 or 4 years, which is insane. But then, i guess everything else has gone up a crazy amount too.


A good example is the Celestron Edge HD 8" SCT.

I bought one at a trade show in 2014 for £1100.

Flo list the same scope now for a little shy of ¬£1900¬†ūüė≤

And they've been near that price now a good while, so an £800 rise in only 5 or so years.

If my maths is correct, that is a rise of 72 % in that timeframe. 

Its not a cheap hobby is it.....?

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It certainly isn't Rob ūüė쬆


Maybe if I start saving for when I retire in a little over 4 years, that and some of my pension pot could go towards a nice scope, mind you by then the prices will have shot up again.

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