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PK 164+31.1, Jones Emberson 1 or the headphones nebula


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Nice target I was  looking to do this the other week after spotting it last year  but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was called 👍 now I know 

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I had to look it up as well. Some conflicting data on the web about it. Most say it's 360" in diameter but one states 1° (I suppose they thought 360"=1°) and whilst most say its mag V14 another gives it as mag V17. The concensus appears to be that that the central star is about mag V17 - which can just be seen in your image, but I guess being a blue dwarf it won't show up very well in Ha or O3.

Anyway, an unusual capture, well done.

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That's so impressive....faint photons indeed! Particularly considering the awful weather we have been having... A real result!

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