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Astronomy messes you up.


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I'm sitting here at my desk at four in the afternoon to process some of my images from last night.  Even though semi retired, I'm doing them now because I have felt like death all day.  I started last night around eight and knocked off around twoish which is really near a full working day on top of the one I just had (work from home Monday and Tuesday).  


Is it just me, or does an evenings astronomy mess up the following day for others like that too?  I slept until around six and then fell asleep in the conservatory from eight until ten and am only just starting to feel more human.  Speaking of which, when I was fourteen I could go out in all weathers but not afford the kit I wanted.  Now the reverse is true...

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My body clock has returned back to daylight mode only!  For the past year I've really struggled to stay up late enough to even consider getting the kit outside...

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I know what you mean! Apparently I'm a tad grumpy after staying up astromomising 😄 I'm just not quite comfortable leaving £X's worth of gear in the garden to fend for itself all night

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9 hours ago, Bottletopburly said:

Scripts and automation is you friend dean 🤣👍

Yes, I've got everything set up to run from my ho9me office but I like the masochism of Astronomical Yoga where you bend into positions you didn't know the Human body could do so as to reach an awkward finder or eyepiece position.

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