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Your recent Kielder experiences


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I'm thinking of a trip to Kielder towards the end of September.

  • Anybody have any experiences of stargazing in the area?  Is it worth the effort?
  • Suggestions for places to stay? (probably too cold to camp but glamping may be a possibility)
  • Local hazards (like midges this time of year)
  • Best routes to get there, and nearest shopping?




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Not recently it must be 10 years since I last went.


Midges - some years so thick you can see clouds of them and they do love to bite me take the best repleelant you can get Some swear by Avon Skin so soft but I found it was less effective in the later visits.

The coldest we had was -9°C but the skies were lovely but the snow was not .

I used to go to the star camps at Kielder itself but he site was prone to flooding and got very busy .


It took what seemed to be an age getting there think 5 hours was the best I did it in.


The skies when clear are great. there was a local shop in Kielder but we tended to take as much as we could as it was limited.

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