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27% waning moon this morning

Bob Dobber

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11 minutes ago, Glafnazur said:

That's great Rob, not often we see a daylight moon 👍


Thanks. To be fair I did neglect to say that I colourised it in GIMP but it's a fair reflection of what was actually there!

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1 hour ago, Speed said:

amazing ... what scope was this through please 


The only scope I want to use at the moment: Skywatcher MN190 with ZWO 533MM-Pro...


And thanks!

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1 hour ago, Clive said:

And just to think that MN190 was destined for the bin a few months ago! 😆


You guys have a got good (and long!!) memories 😂😂


The new focuser has transformed it. Utterly in love with it. Wasn't _that_ expensive either, the new focuser I mean.

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I used to use my Intes Micro MN76  until a few months ago ...but now too heavy for me and my bad back   so now using a Takahashi FC100DZ    absolutely  stunning scope and so light  using a EQM 35 mount   

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